Camp Boiro Memorial - Biibliotheque

Jean-Paul Alata. Prison d'Afrique

Keita Fadiala

International League for Human Rights
Communication on Gross Violations of Human Rights
and Fundamental Freedoms in Guinea,
signed by four former American Ambassadors to Guinea

March 5, 1977

Ambassador John H. Morrow
Amb. Morrow
Ambassador William Attwood
Amb. Attwood
Ambassador James I. Loeb
Amb. Loeb
Ambassador Robinson McIlvaine
Amb. McIlvaine


  1. Letter of the Chairman to the UN Secretary General
  2. Communication to the UN Secretary General
  3. Memorandum on the arrests, interrogation and detention in the political prison camps of the Republic of Guinea
  4. Appendices
    1. Statement by Jean-Paul Alata
    2. Statement by René Cazau

Marx Adolf. Maudits ceux qui oublient

William Gemayel